Today is the one-year anniversary of the last day I picked up a drink.

Here’s how I spent June 14th 2012, according to reporting officer Gore.
The report has been edited for length.

I activated my emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle completed a left turn traveling southbound on Lake Street, turning directly into the northbound lane and then into a parking space on the east side of Lake Street.

I approached the driver’s window and immediately detected a very strong odor of alcohol. I made contact with the driver who identified himself as Paul W. I observed him to speak with slow, slurred speech, repeat his verbal responses and have glassy and bloodshot eyes. I advised Paul that his vehicle was reported to have just been involved in an accident with a parked motorcycle. Paul stated that he had not been in an accident. As Paul exited his vehicle, he used the door frame of the vehicle to maintain his balance. I observed Paul to stumble and struggle to maintain his balance as he stood outside his vehicle. He would sway from side to side and back and forth. I detected a very strong odor of alcohol emitting from his person and breath. I also observed a wet newspaper on Paul’s driver’s seat which he was sitting on as he drove his vehicle. I detected the odor of urine emitting from the newspaper as well as Paul’s outer garments.

I asked Paul how much alcohol he had to drink and he stated “none”. I advised Paul that I detected the order of alcohol on his breath and person. I again asked him how much he had to drink. Paul stated, “obviously too much”. Paul stated he was en route to is Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

I requested Paul participate in field sobriety testing and he agreed.
The summed-up results of those tests:
Paul demonstrated a lack of smooth pursuit.
Paul could not comprehend the instructions and could not complete the test.
Paul could not hold his foot off the ground for longer than one second.

Paul agreed to a breath sample resulting in a BAC of .298. Paul was verbally informed he was under arrest for DUI. Paul was searched, then handcuffed.

Five paragraphs of processing, followed by the final line:
Paul was provided a ride home to his residence without incident.

One of the worst days of my life? Not yet.

And for the record, it’s very difficult to piss through the mouth of an empty 24-ounce can of malt liquor.

3 thoughts on “dui-day

  1. Congrats, Paul. A year is a wonderful milestone! I have a sponsee who is getting a year on Sunday. I love these landmarks in sobriety.

    I hear you on the police report. I have a copy of mine somewhere. I also have the breathalyser report. And my release papers. Oh, and a one hour DVD of the entire booking process, sound and all. Fun to watch. In court with everyone there. Ugh.

    Glad you made it out in one piece…and a year sober.


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