I guess the biggest question regarding this step is why? Is one of my shortcomings alcoholism? Or is my alcoholism a result of my shortcomings?

Actually, it’s most likely neither. Alcoholism is something I’ll have forever, like the saucer and cup set we received as a wedding gift. It’s a disease, not an outcome. And even though I’m working the program to keep it at bay, it’s my shortcomings that keep trying to drag it back to shore and beach it.

Step Seven: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

Those are the strings I’m humbly asking Him to cut. It’s no fun being tethered to a gigantic blob of pain that’s floating freely just offshore. It tugs at my sobriety from different angles and tries to get me off my feet. The more shortcomings, the more ropes. The normals watch from a distance, laying on their beach towels and enjoying the sun.

I can join them as well, as soon as I let go of the ropes. Because when I don’t, I begin to resent those frolicking in the sand. They don’t have to humbly ask for anything.

But that’s them and this is me and that’s my higher power, if I choose to recognize.

Today: Make an honest effort to humbly honor my request.

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