This morning I was staring at myself in the mirror. One of those unintentional hypnotic trances that happen every once in a blue moon. While diving deeper into the “this is me looking at me” thing, it hit me that the reflection before me was the end result of all of my choices. My choices, my beliefs, my attitude, my will.

This is what I’m presenting to the world.

That said, I’m not some Poe monstrosity: hideous to the world, women screaming and children crying. I can slide through the world mainly unnoticed; all pleasant smiles and polite nods.

It’s underneath where trouble’s brewing. It’s the more identifiable monster of Jekyll and Hyde. I mean, come on, a guy drinks something and becomes a wicked homicidal madman? Subtle.

But as I’ve learned in the meetings, we’ve all got our demons. We’ve all got origin stories. What makes this program work is that we recognize that we all have the same fatal flaw.

And no, it’s not kryptonite.

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