There’s a part of my brain that truly believes I’ve solved all the world’s problems. It’s just that nobody will listen.

In the Twelve Traditions, #10 states that the organization has no opinion on outside issues. That’d be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Because I’ve long forgotten that my opinions are just that.

I need to act Tradition Ten out in real life. Having opinions doesn’t work for me. There is no point in my telling others what I think is right. They care as much as I do regarding their opinions. If I don’t agree, instead of getting into a heated debate, simply quit hanging around those people.

Like they say in the rooms, stay away from dangerous people and playgrounds. And those aren’t just my drinking buddies and bars. The dangerous people for me are the arrogant coworkers that are beneath me spiritually and intellectually, but pulverize me financially. It’s my opinion they don’t deserve their lot, just like I don’t deserve my lot, and their dumb-ass opinions only validate my hatred.

See how healthy that loop of thinking is? It goes back to my basic angry: life isn’t fair. I wasn’t ready for the real world to be nothing more than an eighth grade student council election.

For today: I have no opinion. It’s “whatever” without the condensation. Change myself first.

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