I don’t need to be aware of the program to know it’s working. A thin layer of gratitude and acceptance is spread over my face and rubbed in like a lotion. That’s how I try to work the program without thinking about it: open-faced. A turned-up mouth. Relaxed eyes. Allowed allowances.

In the past, I constantly worked my mind into tangles; knots of regret and angers that, no matter which end I pulled, someone would be disappointed. I’d fashion lose-lose situations and ask myself if life was like this for everyone. My thought process was a garbage bag of water balloons, slowly rolling down an slight incline.

The true miracle of this program is the simplicity it’s shown. Sometimes, the fact that I don’t have to work it means I’m working it. My newfound ability to recognize the illogical, the paranoid, the just-plain-crazy, is like a superpower I never new I had. Turns out drinking is my kryptonite.

Now I just have to learn how to use my power responsibly.

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