Know how I know that I’m not unique? Because every morning, God does not lift me up above everyone else and show me off to the world.  He doesn’t go on and on to the rest of existence about his wonderful, singular creation, a.k.a. me, with glad tidings of my awesomeness, as well as a warning as to not piss me off.

Step 2: came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

When I’m in control, I’ve even got The Almighty making excuses for me.  And it’s not just that I believe I’m better than everyone else; more often than not, it’s the exact opposite.  That’s when my uniqueness takes the form of self-loathing: only I have this special set of horribly unique circumstances.

I rationalize when I’m emotionally high and I justify when I’m emotionally low.  I’m the fool in the shower, cranking the knob from freezing cold to burning hot, always with the overcompensation.  When I apply any or all of these tactics it’s amazing how fast I can feel 100% unique.

But unique circumstances doesn’t make me myself unique.  It only means I chose uncommon nouns, adjectives and adverbs when filling out life’s Mad Libs.  Step Two teaches me to stand back from the blanks and look at the overarching outline: the beginning, middle and end, so as not to get too hung on the particulars.  Given time, they’ll fill themselves out.

One thought on “terminally somethin’.

  1. Even a pendulum swinging back and forth from one extreme to the other actually spends as much time in the center as it does on the edges. It just doesn’t look or feel like it does unless we concentrate on the middle. Meditation perhaps is a way to concentrate on the center and maybe slow the pendulum down. Good thought for the day, thank you.

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