Apologies for the 10-day hiatus.  Nothing bad happened.  I’ve been working a lot lately, which is good; not turning anything away and racking up the billable hours. I’m still hitting my meetings, though I’ve missed a few recently, and taking time for myself at least once a day, if not first thing in the morning.  Here and there; you know, nothing too regular.  What you might call scatter shot.  There’s just say there’s been a definite dip in spiritual attendance to myself and my surroundings.

Step Two: came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

How quickly I will throw away time-proven patterns of success when something I deem to be truly important, like work and money, come along.  What an honorable reason to go myopic!  I revert back to the me-first attitude, under the guise that I am doing it for my employer, my family, my country.  I’ll return to my normally scheduled serenity once all this other stuff dies down.

Why I think life is a series of fits and starts, where one thing must stop for another to begin, is beyond me.

What I think it might actually be: everything moving together all at once. And when I start pushing or pulling or steering or controlling, that’s when things get all bunched-up down at the head office.

First things first.  Always make time, especially when I don’t feel like I can afford to.

3 thoughts on “welcome back, ploddder.

  1. Thanks for the restart. Don’t be too hard on yourself, life always finds a way to intervene. Can’t remember the exact quote but something to the effect that “smooth sailing never made a good sailor”. We can learn from this too.

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