I went back and read my last couple of postings and noticed that I’m becoming way too metaphysical. Could over-thinking things be just as damaging as under-working things?

Step 1: we admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.

So I’d like to think that it’s time to get back down to the meat and potatoes of the program again.  Stop losing myself in tangents and concentrate on step one, then step two, etc.  Trying to psychoanalyze every situation only leads to depression, angst, and major headaches, the kind that push from behind the eyes.  I’ve literally been thinking myself into fits.

Because even though it seems like I’m paying attention and seriously working on finding out what my shortcomings and character defects are, it’s work that I want to finish; work that I want to control.  But this mental disease isn’t like home repairs; nobody’s interested in fixing the same leaky faucet a day at a time.  In the case of my brain and its agenda, there is no fast-acting compound I can squirt into my ear that will put an end to my stinking thinking.

Today:  Recognize that the best I can do is to acknowledge those thoughts, pray that I can let go of them today, and do what God wishes of me: to be a help to my fellow man, and a celebrator of life.  Getting outside of my head helps get me out of my own way.

One thought on “lost in the concept.

  1. In my better moments, definitely not always, I try to enjoy the process. Just as someone might enjoy practicing piano, or building a cabinet, or perhaps writing a book, we can enjoy the exercise of personal growth and it doesn’t seem like an endless task.

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