The final moments. Crunch time. The homestretch. When it comes to office work projects, especially the massive, drawn-out, time-sucking ones, I tend to peter out the closer I get to the finish line.

Step 10:  continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

That’s not to say I don’t get the work done.  The work gets done; the job is completed.  But any positive recognition that I might have gleaned from working nights and weekends and holidays becomes obliterated by my shitty attitude.  If everyone else had done their jobs appropriately, I wouldn’t be getting the accolades for busting my ass to cover theirs.  It’s that kind of talk that’s kept me out of the high pay grades.  You can’t bitch in generalities in front of a bunch of people at work and not offend somebody.  Do it often enough, in varying situations, and eventually everyone gets hit with some shrapnel.  See how that works out come review time.

Of course, alcohol only exacerbated the problems.  Everything became more intense, more wrong, more generalized. Telling everyone that I’m surrounded by idiots won’t win me any employee of the month awards.  Doors were slammed.  Phones were smashed.  Chairs were thrown.  All over the thing that gives me money to live.  Wow.

So, what has the program taught me?  That we’re all in this together.  It’s not me against the world, unless I want it to be.  And that’s a choice I need to make daily.

Today:  Try joining the team I’m not on; something other than Team Me.

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