It’s the trope for many a story: well-meaning person signs on for something they know to be wrong or evil or misdirected, with the intentions of making it better once they become a part of it.  Usually, it turns out to be a cautionary tale of some sort.

Step 2:  came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

I like to think about how paint works. It takes tons of white paint to turn black to gray, yet it only takes a teaspoon of black to turn white to gray.  Change is possible, it just needs to be done in the correct order.

So, concentrate on self first.  Easy enough.  Next?  Notice the space around me; the aura.  I used to be able to put people off through basic body language.  It’s quite simple to bring down an entire room if you brood in a chair just right.  But today I remember that I also can put everyone at ease with a well-placed, self-deprecating joke that loosens everything up and relaxes whatever ropes the other people may have brought with them.  It’s amazing how much will change around me when I’ve got myself right. Maybe the system doesn’t need changing from within. Maybe it’s just a company somewhere in America, one that doesn’t export paranoia.

There’s a song that’s sung in church whose title I don’t remember. However, one line always stood out for me growing up: Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me. Now, I understand that having serenity and peace of mind is not going to stop the fighting in Gaza. But it is going to stop me from believing everyone’s out to get me. Or against me. Or laughing at me. All those thoughts become more and more powerful the longer I’m living wrong-sized.

Today:  Simply noticing positive change begets positive change.  Start the ball rolling.

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