There were so many moments of significant consequence today, loaded with fun, hatred, blow-ups, simmerings, bursts of laughter, shouts of anger, and all-around inappropriateness today that I feel like I could stretch this single sunrise-to-sunset into a novella fairly easily.

Rumination: Sometimes, things just keep happening.

It was Day Two of the Garage Sale, and without getting all bogged down in the almost innumerable examples of self-induced insanities, coupled with humility checks from the general public, I was able to, for the most part, recover from a horrific start and turn the day into a moderate success.

After cleaning up and hauling a carload of the unsold to Goodwill, I mowed the lawn, sprayed for mosquitoes and took a shower. The in-laws are in town and we’re grilling out.  Perfect weather and we’ll eat outdoors.  While rinsing out conditioner I smiled and congratulated myself on pulling the day out of its nose-dive so shortly after take-off.

The grill is on and the burgers are cooking.  My father-in-law’s a farmer, and the meat is top-notch stuff.  I just need to run out to the car and get my wallet.  I grab my keys and my index finder instantly knows something’s wrong.  My ignition key is only half the length it should be.  Uh-oh.  And I don’t have a spare, and the doors are locked.  How would I like my burger?

Today, I learned:  I’m not saying there’s a direct correlation between me patting myself on the back when I was drying off and God letting me know how things work around here, but anyways, the burgers were delicious, and I’ll deal with tomorrow after I sleep, wake-up, and do what I’m supposed to do each morning: get right-sized.

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