As with every other aspect in my life, when I get sick, I overcompensate. Why should anything be allowed to run its natural course? Its natural course sucks. I know better.

Step 7: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

Actually, I don’t know better. And I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I don’t know better. But I’m still going to act like I know better anyway.  Like my friend, who would be a professional golfer if he just could take off an entire summer and really commit.

It’s not even about turning my will over to the love and protection of my Lord. I’m trying to out-duel Time. That’s Time with a capital “T”, as in science.

But we’re finishing up day six now, and it’s getting worse, not better. Up until now, all I’ve been doing is drinking warm liquids and sleeping.  The painful lump-swallow is sliding right into my three-day weekend.  They’re calling for perfect weather.

Unguarded chips and salsa mockingly laugh at me as I activate the coffeepot to make more hot water with honey and lemon.  While waiting, I decide to prep the house  against the next attack of sickness.  Doorknobs.  Light switches.  The toilet seat.  The sink.  The toilet seat.  Toilet seat.  If you’ve guessed, “Things You Spray with Lysol”, you win the Pyramid.  I wonder if a little squirt onto my swollen tonsils might help.  That, thankfully, I recognize as insanity.  Simply breathing my handiwork will suffice for now.

Today: was a bust, to be sure.  Nothing I wanted got accomplished.  So, what I’m doing as of right now (and by “right now” I mean thirty minutes), is sitting back and accepting.  Acceptance won’t make the physical pain in my head go away, but it might reduce the swelling of the mental.

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