I’m starting to understand the old expression that you can tell a lot about a man by the way he golfs.

Rumination for the Day: It’s okay to recognize honest change and growth – just don’t get cocky.

Golf is the most frustrating sport, because when it starts going sideways, there’s no one to blame, and my anger runneth over. Angry at myself, at this stupid activity that calls itself a pastime, and at the fact that I’m getting angry over this stupid activity. And it’s not as if I’m super-involved in the sport: my clubs are old and I only play with my father when I’m back in town, and that’s about four times a season. But still, even riding in his cart, the green fees are 30 bucks for 18 holes. Am I getting $30 worth of enjoyment? Not when it’s over I’m full of self-loathing and resentment.

However, if I see it as paying $30 to spend a morning outdoors with my dad for three hours, then yeah, it’s well worth the money. It’s funny: the less myopic I become, the more I see the value in things around me.

So, to the point at hand: when I was a younger man and a younger golfer, clubs were thrown and broken, balls were picked up and courses walked off of. Even when I played a lot and was fairly good, I’d still find ways to become miserable, even if I was shooting lights-out.

This morning I shot a 43 on the front nine, 61 on the back. And I’ll be honest: I had more fun and was in a better mood during the front nine. But the difference in my demeanor was negligible at best.

Today, I recognized: It’s okay to let loose with an expletive following a cranked banana hook that dives deep into the woods fifty yards off the tee. Bitching and complaining and stomping around like a spoiled child over the next three holes is not. I used to need to ruin everyone’s round. Today, I didn’t tie my value as a human being into how well I struck a golf ball.

I’m hopefully applying this to all aspects of my life.

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