Standing in a self-made, negative rut means I’m not right-sized on purpose. I’m shorter than everyone else. That’s quite a trick for someone 6’3” to have short-man syndrome. What can I say? I’m one hell of a digger.

Step 3: made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him.

Digging keeps me looking down. And whenever I find myself standing on level ground, I begin digging immediately. I need to discover why this new thing; this whatever you’ve just presented me with, isn’t going to work in my case. My rut is my terminal uniqueness. It’s also the thing that causes all my fear. Dig on.

In actively doing the next right thing, I’m working on being aware of the moment, no matter how banal. Look around the table or room or street. Those around me are my fellow bags of water and glop; many filled with similar doubts and worries. Let go of the measuring and the judgements. I join them subconsciously on the big cosmic wheel that we’re all trying to hold onto. That’s humanity. That’s camaraderie. Remember what that feeling felt like? It’s a much more pleasant way to go through the day, believing that we’re all in this together. Whether or not others are aware of it, not my concern.

Sure, there are some people out there who are strictly out to get me, but most of them are auto mechanics. For those I interact with daily, having notions of impending backstabbing makes life unbearable for all concerned.

For today: Stop digging. Look up. Join in.

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