The phrase “have a good day” has been replaced with “have a happy day” by my wife when it’s time to head off to work in the morning. She was the one who noticed something in the phrasing, not me.

Today and for the rest of this month, I’m going to learn to like myself, or die trying. I’m going to concentrate on the positive things – not in my life, but in me. I need to learn, accept and know that me, alone, is enough.

And I’m glad she did. It’s simple, when you think about it. Just apply the Serenity prayer to both phrases. I can’t control whether or not I have a good day. There’s just too much out there that has nothing to do with me that will determine the day’s overall “goodness”: car stalls, coffee spills, computer smokes, boss yells, dog bites, paper cuts, and on and on.

These are all independent nouns that I often let determine whether or not I’m happy. Having an over-reliance on the need for things to be good in order for me to be happy just isn’t healthy. Or very likely.

For today: I’m going to start cutting myself some slack. When things go wrong, and my alcoholism starts to blame and worry, blow-up and misinterpret, remember that happy is an emotion. Good is an adjective.

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