Last night’s meeting was on Step Two. Why this step discussion always turns into a religious battle is beyond me, but people tend to get pretty riled up when talking about a Power greater than themselves.

Step 2: came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Everyone either has a concept of God or they don’t. For some reason, Step Two makes people defend their new-found positions. Some become offended when another disparages the usefulness of Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Islam or Muslim or whatever else is out there. Everyone has their own particular brand, and everyone is pushing for shelf space.

This is where letting go comes in quite handy. Different alcoholics have different perceptions, and it’s hard not to take it personally when another puts down the effectiveness of something spiritual that you’ve been relying on for days or months or years. Nowhere does it say that the Power greater than ourselves needs to be the same across the board.

Normally, what seems to work for the majority of the people around the tables is a mishmash. Varying percentages regarding working the program are applied, based on the individual. Some run 90% Higher Power, 5% meetings, 5% readings. For others it’s a much more even split: 50/50 spiritual/fellowship. And still others go all-in human interaction with a minimal allotment of prayer or meditation. So why the overly sensitive attitude that others are doing it wrong?

My guess? Because I’m afraid I’m doing it wrong. The giant divergence in Higher Power definitions can open up a ton of questions for how I’m working my sobriety compared to the others.

But, see, that’s the problem with Step Two for me: I’m so caught up in the first part that I forget the purpose of this step is to address the second, more important part: restoring my sanity. And when it comes to my sobriety and defining a Higher Power to lend me a hand, anything goes.

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