After the twelve promises were told unto me, and I ingested them, came the question.

A Month of Promises (pages 83-84), coda: Are these extravagant promises? We think not. They are being fulfilled among us – sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. They will always materialize if we work for them.

Well then, let’s quantify. This I accomplish by creating an imaginary graph in my head, wherein x = the promises numbered 1 – 12, and y = materialization percentage. Once completed and visualized based off my findings, my graph looks like a ski jump: extremely high followed by a plummet, capped off with a ramp.

Which makes sense. Promise 1: yes, I was amazed before I was halfway through. 100%. Promise 2: New freedom and happiness? Yes, but more like 90%. And so it followed with promises 3 – 10; each dropping by about 7%, until promises 11 & 12 provided nice upticks and I’m off and flying through the cold night air, skis in a vee.

I’m a bit of a numbers freak. Not that I’m particularly good with them, but I’ve always found them comforting. Even if they’re meaningless, there’s a sense of control, I suppose, or at least something I can point to as evidence of growth. Since so much can go unseen or unchecked, it’s easy for me to let the idea of the promises to fade (the opposite of materialization).

But Isn’t that what the promises and the entire point of this program is? Getting the clearest, most accurate picture of myself and the world around me? And, once focused, shouldn’t the ultimate goal become making the promises innate, ingrained, materialized and fulfilled until forgotten, in a good way?

Here’s hoping.

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