I’m not saying that all douchebags have goatees. I’m just saying that only douchebags have goatees.

A Month of Promises (pages 83-84), sentence 10: Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us.

I was so afraid of people, that I spent all my time looking for reasons not to like them. Affectations were huge time savers. Anyone not acting their age. Anyone co-opting another culture. Anyone full of themselves. Anyone making significantly more money than me, or significantly less. Anyone over 6’ 3”.

All of these unacceptable differences made it easier for me to isolate while maintaining my sense of superiority. Nothing intelligent has ever come out of pierced lips. I’ve yet to meet a salesman I haven’t wanted to punch in the side of the neck within three minutes. Elderly men with ponytails. Wearing glasses without a prescription. Anyone not wearing a belt, when one is obviously required. I found it incredulous; all of these little things that people needed to make themselves feel special and different. Drink, drink.

What the promises are showing me is this: It works in tandem, not fearing and not judging. Which comes first, I’m not sure. But today, through empathy, I’m able to throw my entire thinking process to reverse. It’s then that I realized I’d been going backwards all along.

The miracle at work: I’ve even talked to men over the age of 50 with earrings that weren’t total dip-shits.

One thought on “looks good on you, though.

  1. Good one for me today. Not judging preceding not fearing sounds right. “Nothing intelligent comes through pierced lips.” is a quote to remember.

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