365 days ago, I took my wife’s suggestion and agreed to attempt a daily blog starting January 1, 2013 (disclaimer: I’m not sure I know what I’m talking about.). Being the obsessive-compulsive alcoholic that I am, the timing was right: there’s no way this thing would have happened starting on January 2.

Now that 2014 is one day away, it’s the perfect time to end the experiment. I’ve got hours worth of reading floating around the internet; most of them brand new to me upon revisiting. I’ve toyed with the notion of making 2014 the year of the edit, wherein I repost last year’s blog day by day and comment/rework/adjust my thinking on said topic. It might be interesting to see how differently I view some of my postings, one year later.

Whichever way I proceed, I’ve got a day to decide.

Not one for nostalgia (anymore), I won’t be counting anything down this evening, or waiting for the ball to drop. Most likely, I won’t even be awake. One of the best gifts that sobriety has given me is the clear-headed ability to not feel the need to go along with the crowd. Along with removing my constant craving for alcohol, it’s also magically extracted the pull of peer pressure from my life.

Okay, I’m going to level with you. It’s extremely early in the morning, and I’ve got a cold that feels like half my head has been filled with rubber cement, and my ability to write a cohesive blog seems to be happening not very good.

That said, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who have read, followed, commented, commiserated, and most of all helped me keep this thing going for a full year. It’s a wonderful feeling to know I’m not alone in this alcoholic madhouse; and that it’s only as scary as I let it be.

Take care, be safe, and God bless.

4 thoughts on “ding-dong.

  1. Thank you for all of your motivation! Amy told me about the blog early last January! So glad I kept up with it. Would love to meet you sometime and check out a meeting “up north”. 😉

    • Hello there, Jessica! Glad you’re still reading – I’m equally amazed I’m still writing! Feel free to email Amy about a get-together; would love to meet you as well and hear about how you’re doing! Take care.

  2. We appreciated and enjoyed your effort. Thank you. Perhaps a weekly blog as 12th step service would work. Happy New Year.

  3. Oh, hey – It’s still on like Donkey Kong – I realize now that it seemed a little final. I’m gonna blame it on the cold medicine. But it’s a new day and my retinas aren’t throbbing. This blog is a nice daily reminder for me to stay in the present. Plus, it keeps my writing chops chopped real good.

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