They fired my boss today. Nothing personal; our company was bought out and there wasn’t room for another VP. They can barely stuff them all into a conference room as is.

Step 5: Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

For me, it was personal. I wanted this guy gone five minutes after meeting him. He was, and I can get the signatures, a certified d-bag. Not mean or angry, just overbearing, smug and arrogant. All his jokes were at your expense. With you in the room. This guy was a master at creating awkward silence. He would laughingly insult you in front of your peers, assuming you would laugh along at yourself, all in good-natured fun.

I hated and resented him. And hated and resented my company for hiring him. Now that he’s gone, I should be dancing a jig. But I’m not. Thanks to this program, over the past year and a half, he became a human being. Not one I wanted to hang out with, but a human being nonetheless.

Odds are, I will never see him again. We won’t connect on LinkedIn, we won’t be asking/writing letters of recommendation. No get-together lunches will be planned. There is no mistaking how we feel about each other. And while I don’t sympathize with him, even though I’m more than familiar with his situation, I don’t rejoice in it either. Considering where I began in my crazy resentments towards another and where I ended up is a miracle. Hopefully moving forward, I’ll be able to empathize a little earlier in the process.

It’s working when I’m not too hot and not too cold. That doesn’t mean I’m just right; just ready to let go.

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