Obviously, today’s all about gratitude. But it also turned into a day of revelation for me. For that, I’m one big turducken of thankfulness.

Step 2: Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Here’s the kicker with Step Two: there are many, many greater powers in my life. They fall into the “sane” column. And many, many times, God is working directly through them, if only I’d open my eyes. What do I think is meant by “Let Go, Let God”, exactly? Beyond a bumper sticker that I agreed with in the abstract, I didn’t give it much thought, mainly because I couldn’t get it to work.

That is, until today. It hit me like a ton of bricks while I sat on the couch, pre-game. A thirteen year-old sung the National Anthem maybe better than I’d ever heard it, and something clicked between my ears. I went to the window and looked out over the dusting of snow among the valleys. The sun bounced through the glass onto my face. God lives in those around me: my wife, my daughter, my family.

It’s not a gooey mess of supposes – it’s literally love staring me in the eyes. They are always on my side. When they seem against me, it’s my alcoholism they’re fighting with, and I need to break it up. Because if I don’t do anything, we all know who’s going to win. Sides are chosen constantly. Quit fighting for the wrong team.

Today and moving forward: Start staring back.

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