Which is more dangerous, feelings or thoughts? And which one comes first? These are some of the questions that need to be asked whenever my alcoholism puts a dime in the jukebox.

Step Seven: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

So I did a little studying, and it turns out feelings win. They go back to the reptilian brain that works on instinct – fight or flight stuff. Many of my emotions are out and about before I’m even having a conscious thought.

Which explains a lot: the waking up annoyed, the low-level irritation that ferments just below the surface, unnamed until a trigger floats overhead. My patented “I don’t know” response to “why are you in a bad mood now”? My inability to connect the dots.

Also, these bad feelings become stronger over the years: these neuropathways are extremely well-traveled. It’s the major expressway compared to the one-lane dirt road of good vibes.

Nice to know – it’s messed-up wiring I need to be mindful of.

For today: stay grounded.

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