Two days in, and already I’m creating shortcuts. Not bad shortcuts. Good ones. I suppose they’re more like little reminders. Positive triggers. Can you imagine that?

Step Seven: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

I’m trying to set up a synapses where the act of my phone ringing trips a Seventh Step prayer response. For it is far better being a useful tool than being an arrogant, defensive, put-upon tool. For beginners, no one wants to hear me bitch.

And quit taking pride in my honesty. I was always so concerned others might think I’m a butt-smoocher that I made myself intermittently prickly. Because pretending to be happy about something somehow shames me. For years I’ve been ever-vigilant of Big Brother and just exactly how much can one man take, am I right? Because that isn’t the true me, man. I’m a jerk, why won’t you let me show it? I still know 2 + 2 = 4, even if you’ve forgotten.

And somehow this all gets dumped on Phil, the new sales rep? Save the crazy for my sponsor. Or meetings. Or wife. Or God. Because there’s always something to dump on Phil, that’s the point and the problem: my cup runneth over with injustice and irritation.

Those are the little things; the non-descripts that can quickly, quietly, and imperceptibly, knock me off my day.

Remember: Every time a phone rings, an angel can earn his wings. Or be selfish. My choice.

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