Inside my laboratory, some of the magical pink cloud sobriety found in the 12 Steps has condensed on the inside of a beaker. It has been removed with a sterilized eyedropper and placed into a sterilized tube and I am currently running tests. The centrifuge is spinning as I type. What has always been seen by me as a spiritual, ghostly, otherworldly, intangible untouchable, don’t-think-about-it-type-program is starting to accumulate data.

Day One of Gratitude Week: The Little Things.

There’s enough happiness to go around. I need to remember that gratitude does not equal the absence of drama and wrong behavior, although that’s a big part of it. Once a time line is laid over a grid, where x=time and y=blowup!, a pattern emerges; an ebb and flow of rationality and irrationality; leaving more garbage on the beach with each retreat. The sooner I counteract with gratitude, the less the blowup! Or no blowup! at all. Again, to the grid: the longer the blowup! goes unchecked, the harder it is to stop, and the bigger it tends to be.

Here’s where I can stockpile: the little things. Don’t complain about the car; be grateful for the transportation. Become aware of the gaps – all the things that go unchecked and unseen, but can make your day, like electricity. These are the constants, the standbys, the ol’ reliables that serve as my foundation of gratitude. The people and the job and the issues and the whatever can come later, for good or ill.

Results are in: The chemical makeup of sobriety: oxygen.

Today: Be grateful for that.

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