Humbly asking to have my shortcomings removed means I need to be willing to think differently. This is a thinking man’s disease, correct? I used to think that meant I’m an alcoholic because I’m really smart. What it really means is that my thinking is diseased.

Step Seven: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

My shortcomings are ingrained. They have been part of my thinking process since before I can remember. That’s what shortcomings are: diseased thinking. Something I’ve been looking at wrongly and assigning inappropriate feelings to. Now, to stop thinking like that’s a tall order, anyway you slice it. And that’s what the shortest step in the program would have me do.

But it can even be sliced thinner; parsed out to the thinnest of differences. It’s not that I’ve got to change my thinking right away. I can have the unhealthy thoughts. I just can’t react to them. That’s the first part: acknowledge the shortcoming thinking. Second: don’t do anything. Third: pray that this right way of thinking becomes just as ingrained as my old way.

For today: Ask humbly and be ready.

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