Everyone laughs when they first get to Step Seven. I laughed. Until I realized that it’s impossible.

Step Seven: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

It seems so obvious, and then it’s quicksand and cement, working together. Much like the solution to my alcoholism was to just stop drinking.

Then I realized it worked every time I ask humbly. The reason I didn’t think it worked is because I wouldn’t see immediate answers. No patience. Or a shortcoming would pop up out of nowhere, one that I thought I had asked to be removed. And once you start complaining to God about his timetable, you got big problems.

It’s almost a trick, if God did tricks (see: platypus): the answer is in the humble asking.

God, please remove my jealousy. I’m making things up in my head that is creating a giant moat of untrue resentments and oversized little issues. I’m not letting anyone inside my castle of self-pity. So I humbly ask. Then 4 hours later, I catch myself feeling jealous. Which means Step Seven is it working, correct?

Depends on my reaction.

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