I’m frightened that once I ask something from God, he’s going to start testing me. God tests. Old school labours. Moral dilemmas soaked in O. Henry irony. Consequences with bite.

Step Seven: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

Not in the mood for climbing Mt. Olympus today, nor wrestling with lions. Some days going to and from work, eating and sleeping is as much as I can manage. Throw in whether or not it’s a meeting night, and I’m pretty backed up just trying to maintain normalcy. Tossing curve balls at my head is unnecessary.

Thankfully, I don’t spend too much time worrying about the big crazies ganging up on me. They appear now and again, and oddly enough, those are the ones I somewhat get through with something approaching grace. I can serve as a genuine help in emergency situations.

It’s the everyday annoyances which I turn into emergencies that get me into trouble. Little flies buzzing my tower, upsetting what equilibrium I’ve got.

First order of business: which shortcoming is being tested?
Then, I remind myself of how I’d deal in the past, and the outcomes.
So, for today: don’t take the bait. I love to indulge my defects. So does my alcoholism.

One thought on “…and knowing is half the battle.

  1. Bumped across a Carl Jung quote this morning; “Man needs difficulties, they are necessary for health.” People seem to interpret this many ways but for an alcoholic, it has a very definite fit.

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