Is there ever a point I can raise my hand up and declare, “I’m ready now”, and someone from God’s willingness department comes over to help me process the paperwork? It’s my understanding that this entire step is prep work. Searching of the Soul Stuff with Serious Capitalizations. Should I prepare something in PowerPoint?

Step Six: Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

I’m a hesitant kid again, practicing in private, not sure if I’m ready to show the adults. Basically, I don’t want to call for God’s attention, only to show him a half-ass cartwheel.

Alcoholic Thinking Warning: This is where I make it into more than it is. Thinking it’s a one-time deal is what’s throwing me. I’m never going to know if I’m full to the rim with readiness; no crevasse of cerebellum overlooked, every defect brought out to dry and rot on hot cement, to finally be strung up like tobacco leaves and presented as palms for Step Seven: the Asking.

Here’s what I need: honest effort. He’ll let me know if I need to do a little more looking inward.

And he won’t be annoyed.

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