So, last time I admitted everything to myself, God, and another human being. Check.

Step Six:
Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

Now I need to have God remove my defects? And I need to be entirely ready for such an activity? Listen, I can fool other humans, and I know I can fool myself, but this is the big guy, correct? Doesn’t he already know whether or not I’m entirely ready? Because if he knows that, then he also knows I’m incapable of being entirely ready for anything.

My obsession to drink hasn’t exactly been 100% lifted yet. More like 95%. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m unbelievably grateful that my body no longer ignores my screams of protest as I pull into the parking lot of a convenience store at six in the morning. It’s currently being lifted out of me, like an evil spirit being exorcised. It took a long time for him to dig his way in there, plus I fed him for decades, so I can’t imagine the eviction will be a smooth and easy one.

Even if I assume that the obsession has been lifted, there is still much more work to do. It’s all the other stuff that lines up after my alcoholism that needs dealing with.

I couldn’t handle with my underlying problems until I met my biggest one head-on. That’s steps 1 through 3. Then, after putting pencil to paper and talking with my sponsor, I finished steps 4 and 5. Now this text says I can turn everything over to God and I’m good to go?

Easier said than done. But the hard way is the best way – it sticks more once completed.

Fingers crossed.

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