Keeping it real. This is a phrase that I’ve heard so many times throughout my life it’s totally lost its meaning. But I don’t know of three words that I need to remember on a daily basis more than those.

Understand, a good deal of my existence was spent in imaginary land. I’d frequently drive down the road, loudly defending myself against a slight I made up in order to yell at Mr. So & So. Stinking Thinking starters such as, “If he thinks I’m going to…”, or, “There’s no way I’m…”, or, “Listen, here’s what I’m going to do, and if you don’t…”, would have me off and running. I’d often catch myself mid-gripe and wonder where that pointless resentment came from.

I seem to need another litmus test that comes before the Serenity Prayer. One that goes something life, “God, before I apply the Serenity Prayer to this thing, is it something that actually exists, or is it all in my head?” It does me no good trying to accept the things I cannot change if I myself created them out of the ether, along with their unchangeable boundaries. It’s the perfect scenario for creating hopelessness.

Giving less attention to various possible outcomes slows down my crazy mind.

Today: Concentrate on what’s real. That’s more than enough.


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