When I confine my meditation to a dark basement, legs-crossed, eyes-closed experience, it tends to be seen as a separate event in my day, which is good, but also limiting. So, instead of being preoccupied with make-believe, how about becoming preoccupied with what’s directly in front of me at the moment?

It doesn’t have to get weird. When I’m washing the dishes, I’m washing the dishes, not moving my hands around in water, thinking about what’s next.

Step 11: Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

You see, I’m a big D&D player: Dwell and Distort. I need to cut down my mental free-time.

Mindfulness: the non-judgmental awareness of experiences in the present moment. That’s what conscious contact with my God means to me: a gratefulness for this moment and this moment only. I have the power to carry out his will to wash the dishes. I’m aware of the suds, the scrubbing pad, the circular motions. These plates held food for my family and will again soon. More circular motions.

Being in the moment means not getting lost in the parallel universes I’m forever peeling off the top of my head. It chokes out the mights and maybe’s, the could’s and should’s, the angers and resentments and off-the-rails-Charlies.

As with every revelation, I worry about the extremes. The sofa’s on fire but I’ve got dishes to honor at this moment kinda stuff. I can’t turn everything over – I need to keep some control, right? Well, do I ever envision a time when I’m so detached from everything around me that a couch fire wouldn’t break the spell? Exactly.

For today: I needn’t worry about achieving perfection.

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