I like to think of Step 10 as my own personal Magic 8 Ball. In fact, I’m going to rename it my own personal Magic 10 Ball.

Step 10: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

Taking my personal inventory doesn’t mean constantly making apologies, though that’s part of it. As I’ve stated before, a large percentage of my personal inventory has to do with sick thinking. Out-sized thoughts about myself, how I see others, and how others see me.

So, I take my personal inventory and when confronted with a problem or situation I simply shake the Magic 10 Ball and see which step it tells me to go to. Full of resentment? Time for Step 4. Dwelling on a wrong from the past? My Magic 10 Ball advises I take a look at step 8.

One of my biggest failings in the program is, once I take my inventory and identify what’s causing my unrest, I’m often at a standstill as what comes next. My disease still enjoys a good wallow, and likes to remind me that this confusion is proof the program isn’t for me.

Asking for help is what I need to do, but my ego gets embarrassed. I can’t call time and time again, whenever I’m feeling slippery. What will the others think of me?

Exactly. They’ll think I’m an alcoholic. It’s through this camaraderie that I shall find peace.

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