It’s the only time “continued” is used the 12 Steps. The word “daily” is absent entirely.

Step 10: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

Although it’s a suggestion, for my mental wellness I try to work it daily. The good news for me is, after nine steps of faith and ritual and trust and belief and release, here’s a step I can measure. The bad news is, to measure is to control.

The more I try to control, the more I invite (and invent) chaos into my life. But when I accept that life sometimes can be chaotic, there’s the capacity to let it go and turn it over and things run much more smoothly. If I act on that capacity.

I always thought I was really good at the personal inventory stuff even before the steps. I felt like I’d been practicing most of my life. However, practicing personal inventory-taking while also a practicing alcoholic leads to bad medicine.

Now I can admit: nothing was ever promptly admitted. When you’re telling everyone “no” and you know it’s “yes”, that ain’t good.

I was a functional alcoholic for years. What makes me think I can’t be a functional dry drunk for years?
Sure, the heavy lifting’s over. But where I got the idea that vigilance is a walk in the park, I’ll never know. If my mind doesn’t get thoroughly raided continually, the drinking’s sure to follow.

Everyday is starting today. Go weed.

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