Don’t wake King Baby. When I’m right-sized, working the program and doing the next right thing, King Baby can sleep for days. Ever mindful that the slightest disturbance can cause him to stir, I must tread lightly throughout my day and with my interactions.

It’s when my head gets noisy with unproductive thoughts that the baby wakes.

Also, I must remember: there is no arguing with King Baby. Logic does not work. Any attempt to talk sense is wasted. Controlling my King Baby only worsens the problem, because I’ve always used anger and loud noises. The tighter I squeeze, the tighter I hold on, the longer and louder the screaming. I can walk around all day with a 50-pound baby on my shoulders, tugging my hair and deafening my ears.

What makes this so awful is that it has learned to feed itself. King Baby absorbs my bad vibes, irritations and resentments, swallows them down and leaves them there to rot in his belly. There is no breathing in or out, no letting go and letting God. Only piling on. Perhaps a drink would quiet my stomach?

Cunning, baffling, powerful!

Today: I put down the pots and pans. No need to start fixating when something’s not going your way. This is really where the 10th step and daily practice comes into play. Turning things over as they arise.

My world is a giant nursery, and I’m the day nurse. I must remember to be still in my heart, and thoughtful in my actions.

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