This was a line of thought I had during a breakout session: These socks are pretty cool. Multi-hued blue stripes ring my ankles between jeans and tennis shoes. The young ones here recognize that this guy’s pretty with it. Dig those socks. He let’s them do the talking. The older folks are like, woah – this guy! You gotta respect his right to wear those socks.
And so on.

I’m attempting a month of humility:
Humility simply requires a man to think of his abilities and his actions as no greater, and no lesser, than they really are. Real humility then mandates that a man knows and is completely honest with himself.

Constant self-evaluation isn’t good for anyone. I feel like a factory sign that says “17 Days without an Accident.”
Always on the lookout, vigilant against emotional tremors, something like a storm tracker. The need to pick at everything for analysis starts to feel defeatist. I can’t possibly remain on guard like this forever.

On the flip side, ignoring the train on the tracks isn’t much help. Being something of an all-or-nothing guy, if I can’t disect it to my satisfaction, I’ll just turn my back on it. Stubbornness helps. So does spite. Normally, by the end of my ignoring phase, I’m anger and can’t remember why.

Tired of looking at it, wary I’m not looking at it enough. And honestly, just trying to balance that little scale is a sign that I’m working it. Look, react, reflect. Then let go of the process. Intuitiveness awaits, if I don’t go looking for it.

Today’s Mission (and it’s a weekend!): do your job. Be open. Pause before speaking.

Coda: It’s fine to reflect, but the instant feedback can be exhausting.

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