It was of paramount importance that every situation I encountered be judged. Good or bad, loving or hateful, giving or taking. And the results brought forth emotions that rarely were in proportion to the event. My life was one big overreaction.

Step Three:
Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him.

Which of the following falls under the category of “God’s Will”? By the way, all of these things happened to me in the past 3 days:
1. Stepping in foreign dog crap while attempting to pick up my own dog’s crap.
2. My daughter puking soup all over the backseat of my car, one block from the house.
3. Forgetting important paperwork at the office.
4. Having the first and second sink I ordered for our bathroom renovation arrive broken.

Some would say all of them. And if that’s the case, it would seem to me like the big guy’s got a lot of time of his hands. Which I guess is true, since he created time.

In the past, I’d have answered none of the above. God was a big-picture man who had little time for the minutia in the universe, including me. He was very hands-off.

Which meant all of the above fell to me. My fault. My will. My lack of focus. Those were four perfect excuses to go off the reservation, isolate and drink. And since I always wanted to isolate and drink, I always found these excuses. It was amazing how often they’d pop up.

Here’s how the above got handled, thanks to the Third Step:
1. Yuck. Guess I’ll be cleaning my shoe when I get home.
2. Yuck. Guess I’ll be cleaning the backseat when I get home.
3. Ugh. Guess it’ll have to wait until Monday.
4. Ugh. Guess I’ll e-mail the company yet again and have a third sink sent.

No bitching at non-present dog owners. No screaming at my daughter. No kicking myself for leaving the papers. No bemoaning the ineptitude of FedEx. Most external setbacks can be dealt with a shrug; an acceptance that doesn’t require an internal monologue of disdain for myself and others.

What a time-saver!

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