It takes some convincing, accepting that by not fixing things, things will get fixed.

Step Three:
Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him.

Here’s where my diseased brain refused to let go of the wheel. I was a loner my entire life; sometimes by my own choosing. And this went for deities as well as people. So in order to get my life under control, I needed to turn all control over to God? (BTW – that’s what I’m going to call my higher power. Because “God” is quicker to type than “Higher Power”.)

Not very concrete. In fact, Step Three was 100% vapor. It’s not like I’m tossing the big guy my keys.

I needed more information. Up to this point, I had been onboard. Now, I felt as though I was being asked to sell Amway. This program wanted me to do something that I wasn’t comfortable with, had never really done, and had no desire to do. This program wanted me to let go.

One thought on “then you tell two of your friends, and so on, and so on…

  1. It is counterintuitive but in my view, we still have to drive. Ol’ HP is not taking the wheel. But where we drive, how we drive, what we do when we get there … this guidance comes from our HP. If we take the guidance, quit arguing about it, we don’t crash along the way. For me, it is often not ez, have to “listen” really hard to hear it sometimes. Gets easier with practice. Just a thought.

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