Step Two:
Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Well, something had to. It sure wasn’t going to be me.

Maybe it was the “greater than ourselves” part that chaffed the hardest. I’d spent so much time swimming in a pool of righteous anger warmed by my own pissy superiority, that the concept of something out there greater than me was alien in the extreme. Those that I loathed, and by those I mean the human race, were all happy-go-luckys that seemed to have it all figured out. Or they were the wandering dead, living day to day without content, but satisfied nonetheless. I was better than both these extremes, and I was miserable. So what right did they have, with their laughter and carefree whatevers? I was to gain something from them? Not likely.

Thankfully, Step Two is talking about faith in something beyond mankind. Because with mankind, well, I’d had enough. And though some would struggle with the religious connotations, that was the only part of the program I was glad to be left out of others people’s hands.

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